LifeLabs: Oasis & Non-Human Identity Management

LifeLabs: Oasis & Non-Human Identity Management

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January 29, 2024

Experience firsthand insights from Mike Melo, CISO at Lifelabs, as he shares his journey with Oasis and nonhuman identity management. Gain valuable perspectives from a seasoned cybersecurity expert on the effective utilization of Oasis for managing nonhuman identities. Watch Mike's testimonial video for an exclusive look into real-world applications and successes


Hi, I'm Mike Melo. I'm the Chief Information Security Officer and the Vice President of IT Shared Services with LifeLabs. So Life Labs is the largest medical lab diagnostic company in Canada. We're ultimately trying to empower all of our users to really take their healthcare information and empower them to make better life choices and live healthier lifestyles. We leveraged a lot of cloud first technologies and a lot of security technologies, but ultimately came across a huge challenge, which was really around the non-human identity posture management space, until Oasis came into the picture for us about a year ago. When we started looking at Oasis as a technology that could help solve this problem for us, it really broke down a lot of the barriers to resolving what types of resolutions we could get to, the time to resolution, and then also who ultimately is going to own this.

First, the integration capability with all of your different identity platforms to really garner that visibility is unparalleled. You absolutely need to have the full visibility. If you can't see it, you can't protect it. Moving on from that, I would say you need to really have this prioritization focus. We're constantly challenged as CISOs and security entities and organizations with capacity workload constraints. And how do you combat that? Well, having a really pragmatic and prescriptive way to address the risks is priceless. With this ease of remediation capability, they give you a very prescriptive way on how to execute the actual fixes that you need.

So the most significant value that I can say that we've received using the Oasis platform would be, plain and simple, actually managing our non-human identity environment. Before Oasis came into the picture, it was something that we didn't have a lot of confidence in where we would not impact the business operations, which obviously is a significant challenge to us, given we're a 24/7 operation with very sensitive information and timeliness to delivery of results and reporting. With Oasis, we've been able to nullify any business operational impact and allow us to secure our non-human identity space. I think Oasis just brings a fresh and modernized way of how to really embrace identity and manage it in a very timely manner. At the end of the day, Oasis allows us to deliver on non-human identity the right way.

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