Manage and Secure the Lifecycle of

Non-Human Identities

Oasis Non-Human Identity Management platform empowers security and engineering teams to take control of NHIs and efficiently secure them
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“The industry has been eagerly anticipating a company like Oasis. Oasis, with its adept handling of non-human identity lifecycle management, has seamlessly integrated into the essential fabric of Mercury Financial's identity management workflows. The automation prowess of Oasis significantly streamlines the enforcement of security policies across our diverse environments."

Arjun Thusu, Chief Information Officer

The experience with Oasis team was really top notch for us. Oasis Security advances non-human identity lifecycle management at Lifelabs, establishing a secure digital infrastructure.

Mike Melo, CISO

"Oasis addressed our non-human identity security challenges, that eluded traditional solutions, fortifying our security with contextual visibility and proactive measures. It introduces a level of identity management unparalleled by traditional legacy systems."

Chris Mosteller, Head of Identity Security

"Implementing Oasis Security has been a game-changer for Antares security framework. Its comprehensive discovery and management of non-human identities, coupled with its emphasis on best practices, have not only strengthened our defenses but also improved our overall operational efficiency."

Kyle Weckman, CISO

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Non-Human Identities are Everywhere

You need visibility

The Attack Surface Is Exponentially Bigger

You need automation

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Non-Human Identity Management Platform
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How OASIS Secures Your Non-Human Identities
Lifecycle Management

Effortlessly orchestrates the entire lifecycle of Non-Human Identities (NHIs). Oasis employs automated processes for seamless NHI onboarding, monitoring, and decommissioning. It consolidates a comprehensive view accessible through a unified interface, streamlining operations from NHI initiation to retirement

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Eliminate critical Non-Human Identity risk
More efficiency
Streamline the lifecycle management of NHIs
Better governance
See owners and dependencies
Simpler compliance
Rotate secrets in minutes without breaking things

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