The Oasis Platform

Oasis Security provides the first enterprise platform purpose-built to secure the complete lifecycle of NHIs

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Oasis continuously analyzes your environment to identify, classify and resolve  security risks related to all Non-Human Identities
Automatically creates an inventory of all Non-Human Identities and visualize a map of who is using it to access which resources
Provides tailored remediation plans that can be executed manually or automatically for rapid response
Automates the complete lifecycle management of Non-Human Identities complementing your existing security stack
Simple, effective, developer friendly lifecycle management and automation of Non-Human Identities

Auto-discovers all NHIs (Non-Human Identities). Oasis seamlessly connect with your environment and in minutes automatically creates a comprehensive inventory of all Non-Human Identities, providing a consolidated single pane of glass

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Automatically assesses and ranks posture issues. The platform conducts automated assessments of the system's posture, meticulously evaluating its configuration and compliance. It then ranks posture issues based on their severity, allowing for a prioritized approach to addressing Non-Human Identity risks


Provides critical contextual information. The system goes beyond raw data by furnishing essential contextual information
Privileged status


Gives out-of-the-box remediation plans to shorten resolution. In addition to identifying issues, the platform goes a step further by offering pre-configured remediation plans. These out-of-the-box solutions are designed to streamline the resolution process, providing actionable steps to address identified issues promptly

Lifecycle Management

Effortlessly orchestrates the entire lifecycle of Non-Human Identities (NHIs). Oasis employs automated processes for seamless NHI onboarding, monitoring, and decommissioning. It consolidates a comprehensive view accessible through a unified interface, streamlining operations from NHI initiation to retirement


Oasis maintains integrations with a variety of tools and platforms, ensuring that our alerts and remediation guidance integrate into your existing environment and workflows