About Oasis Security

Oasis Security is the leading provider of Non-Human Identity Management (NHIM) solutions. NHI Management is a huge and unresolved security weakness that is constantly exploited by malicious cyber attackers.

By enabling control over Non-Human Identities, we bridge the gap between devops/R&D and security ensuring our customers elevate their security posture while maintaining highly efficient operations.

The exponential growth of Non-Human Identities, such as service accounts, API keys, or secrets, created a vast attack surface that today is left unmanaged. The massive scale and dynamic nature of NHIs makes it impossible for traditional identity and secret management to maintain visibility and control, leaving organizations to prioritize operational considerations over security posture.

Oasis aims to bridge this critical security gap. Our mission is to fortify cybersecurity defenses by enabling organizations to efficiently Manage Non-Human Identities at scale.

The founders

Danny Brickman
Co-founder & CEO
Amit Zimerman
Co-founder & CPO
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