Identity types

AWS Document DB User

An AWS Document DB user is an identity granted access to resources and services within an Amazon Web Services (AWS) DocumentDB environment. DocumentDB is a fully managed, NoSQL database service designed to store, query, and index JSON-like documents at scale.

DocumentDB users are authenticated and authorized using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies, which control their access to databases, collections, or documents within the DocumentDB cluster. Users can be granted read, write, or administrative privileges based on their assigned roles or permissions.

For example, in a DocumentDB environment, users may include application developers, database administrators, or data analysts who need access to specific databases or collections. IAM policies define the scope and level of access granted to each user, ensuring that they have the appropriate permissions to perform their tasks.

DocumentDB users interact with the database using standard NoSQL query languages such as MongoDB query language (MQL), which provides flexible querying capabilities for retrieving and manipulating JSON-like documents. Users can execute queries, insert or update documents, and manage database indexes based on their permissions.

DocumentDB users play a critical role in accessing and managing data within the database cluster, enabling organizations to build scalable, high-performance applications with rich data models. By using DocumentDB users and IAM policies, organizations can enforce security policies, track resource usage, and audit access to sensitive data or systems.