Identity types

IAM User

An IAM (Identity and Access Management) user is an individual or entity granted access to resources and services within an IAM system or environment. IAM users have unique credentials and permissions for authentication and access control, allowing them to perform specific tasks or functions within the organization's IT infrastructure.

For example, in cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure, IAM users are authenticated using a username and password or other authentication mechanisms. Once authenticated, IAM users can access cloud services, resources, or applications based on their assigned permissions.

IAM users are typically associated with specific roles, groups, or policies that define their access rights and permissions within the system. Administrators can create, modify, or delete IAM users as needed, enforcing security policies and controlling access to sensitive data or systems.

IAM users play a critical role in access management, enabling organizations to enforce security policies, track resource usage, and audit access to sensitive data or systems. Best practices for IAM user management include regular review and validation of user accounts, enforcing strong authentication mechanisms, and monitoring for suspicious activities or unauthorized access attempts