Oasis Security Emerges from Stealth

Danny Brickman, Co-founder & CEO

Danny Brickman, Co-founder & CEO

Oasis Security Emerges from Stealth

As I sit down to write this, I can't help but reflect on our short but incredible journey at Oasis Security. Today, we step into the limelight, ready to share our vision with the world – a vision rooted in addressing the critical challenge of managing non-human identities in cybersecurity.

Oasis began as a dream in a modest room in Tel-Aviv. It was here, alongside a group of talented friends from  the IDF's cyber operations, that Oasis was born. Our ethos was shaped by the unit's culture of turning the impossible into possible, a mindset that has been the cornerstone of our approach at Oasis.

During our time in the IDF, we were not just colleagues; we were a team united by a common goal. We celebrated our successes, learned from our failures, and were honored with the highest defense accolades from the Israeli president. These experiences were more than just professional milestones; they were life lessons that shaped our understanding of cybersecurity, particularly the evolving landscape of identity management that was the cornerstone of every project we were working on.

We observed a pivotal shift in our software-dominated world: the emergence of non-human identities, such as service accounts, API keys, secrets, and tokens, rapidly surpassing human identities. This created a new unprotected security perimeter and marked the genesis of Oasis, presenting an opportunity for category creation in cybersecurity. In response, we embarked on developing a next-generation identity management platform, driven by extensive research and a customer-first mindset.

Collaborating with the brightest minds from Global 2000 companies, we identified the need for a novel, identity-focused approach. To effectively tackle basic tasks such as rotation or revocation of credentials, holistic visibility over our infrastructure and complete contextual understanding are essential. We decided to take it upon ourselves to solve this problem and committed to making the impossible possible.

The enthusiastic response from our early customers like Kyle Weckman the CISO of Antares Capital and Arjun Achuthan the CIO of Mercury Financial was incredibly inspiring. It affirmed our belief in the necessity of an identity-focused approach, especially in a landscape where Non-Human Identities are not only growing exponentially but are also outnumbering human identities by 50 times. These identities have broader access to sensitive data, thereby exposing a larger attack surface and increasing the risk of confidential data exfiltration. However, we realized that merely highlighting these risks and addressing immediate concerns was not enough. We needed to think ahead. That's when we identified a crucial missing element - the lifecycle management of non-human identities. This realization guided us to develop solutions that not only solve today's challenges but also preemptively address the problems of tomorrow.

Embracing this vision, we are committed to pioneering a future where cybersecurity is proactive, dynamic, and seamlessly integrated into the fabric of digital identity management.

As we stand at this juncture, I am filled with gratitude. Grateful for an amazing team whose dedication is the backbone of Oasis, for our customers who inspire us to push boundaries, and for our investors who believe in our vision. We are not just building a solution; we are shaping the future of identity management.

I am also reminded of Radiohead's Paranoid Android, mirroring the complexities of our tech-driven world. At Oasis, we are passionately committed to simplifying these complexities, turning the challenges of our digital era into secure, reliable and enlightening solutions, dispelling the 'paranoid' fog with clarity and efficiency.

Bon voyage, and thank you for being part of our story.