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Frequently Asked Questions

Deployment and Integration:
Unlike traditional deployments, Oasis doesn't require lengthy installation processes. It seamlessly connects to your cloud services provider at the organization or account/subscription level within minutes. Thanks to our agentless approach, there's no need for hardware or network footprint. Our automated discovery, classification, and multidimensional exposure assessment eliminate manual effort and maintenance for your teams.

Adding Oasis to Your Environment:
Integrating Oasis into your environment is a breeze. Simply grant our platform a specific read-only IAM role in your cloud organization or account. This straightforward process takes only minutes to complete, whether through the Oasis Data Insights (SaaS) console or via an out-of-band script, such as Terraform.

Data Scanning Efficiency:
With Oasis, a comprehensive inventory of your Non Human Identities is dynamically generated in mere minutes. Our platform covers structured and unstructured data across various platforms, using cloud-native APIs. Automatic NHI classification, without the need for regular expression tuning or user intervention, ensures swift and accurate results.

Hardware and Software Requirements:
Oasis operates entirely as a SaaS service, devoid of any hardware requirement or software installation. There's no network footprint to manage, and no agents or connections to oversee. Our platform comprises two services: the NHI Security Posture Analysis Service for discovery and risk assessment, and the NHI Lifecycle Management Service for customer interaction via a web browser or secure API endpoints.

Data Scanning Locations:
Oasis offers flexible deployment options, including full-SaaS and an outpost model, ensuring data scanning activities occur within your account. In both models, only metadata is transmitted to the Oasis Data Insights (SaaS) Service. For further insights, a detailed platform architecture and data security process document are available upon request.

Data Cross-Region Concerns:
Oasis's platform was meticulously designed to prevent data from traversing regions or environments, irrespective of the deployment model chosen. This not only minimizes data egress costs but also ensures compliance with regional mandates, such as GDPR.

Performance Impact:
Oasis's posture management and NHI lifecycle management processes are entirely out-of-band, negating any performance impact. With no agents, network footprint, or direct data queries, our platform utilizes native cloud APIs, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Sensitive Data Display:
Oasis supports role-based access control (RBAC), allowing administrators to control the display of classified data samples. Depending on requirements, data samples can be shown as they exist, redacted for reduced sensitivity, or omitted entirely for confidentiality purposes.

Data Security and Privacy Measures:
At Oasis, we maintain a robust Information Security Program (ISP) that encompasses both product and business practices. This program ensures a secure environment for our employees, customers, systems, and the data we manage. Oasis adhere to stringent standards for information security management. Our annual SOC 2 Type 2 audit validates the efficacy of our security controls and operations, providing assurance to our customers. For further details, please refer to our Trust Center.

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